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WA’s only dedicated team building large, multiple unit property developments.

How does it work?

Multi-Living Developments

‘Multi-Living’ is an outstanding opportunity for investors looking for maximum returns from property development in Western Australia.

Using Class 2 Building methods, our experienced team will work with you to increase the number of units that can be built on your block, making the project more economical, efficient and lucrative.

With the backing of ‘Ventura Home Group’, WA’s market leader in development can get you started today. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

How Class 2 applies to the same block

Standard 6 units

6 Units

Class 2 option of 10 units on same site

10 Units

Class 2 building methods increase the number of units you can fit on your block.

A block 1400m2 in size zoned R40 would potentially support 6 single story units. The same block taking advantage of Class 2 building methods would potentially support 10 – 14 units.

The land is worth the same amount of money irrespective on how you choose to build on it, but the capital returns, profits, and rental yield is much greater.

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WA demand over the next few decades is 800,000 new homes. Affordability is a major consideration and Multi Living Developments provides the solution.

With our expertise, Multi-Living Developments will increase the number of units that can be built on your land – creating a highly economical and lucrative outcome. To learn more, contact the team for an obligation free consultation.

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